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Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to Kill a Process when Task Manager is unable to Terminate

If you have been using a Windows system then you must have come across this situation some or the other time, that you have non-responsive process that needs to be terminated. Recently I had this program which wasn’t responding so I was required to terminate this process.
To terminate a process I opened the Task Manager but to my surprise I found that my Windows Task Manager was unable to terminate the process and showed this error message “Unable to terminate Process: the operation could not be completed

I have always used the Task Manager to kill a process but why this happened today and what should I do to kill the process now? Well, this can happen as a process can have more priority and can overcome task manager but if you need to terminate a process without task manager then you can use task manager alternatives or known as task manager replacement tools.
So you can use some tool like Process Explorer and use it to kill the process when your Task Manager is not working and in case Process Explorer is also unable to terminate it, then restart it by right clicking on it and selecting as “Run as Admin” as sometimes Admin rights are required to terminate a process.
There are many more tools that can help here, by the way what’s your approach when you are unable to terminate a process?


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