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Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to Transfer Phone Contacts from Nokia to Android Mobile

Going by the growth of Google’s Android and the sliding of mobile giant Nokia from its position , it seems that many of us are switching from Nokia to the latest Android Mobile phones. It’s evident as even i bought Samsung Galaxy S and was using Nokia N79 earlier. So, as soon as i thought of shifting from my Nokia N79 to the Android device, i was unable to move the contacts from my Nokia Phone to the Galaxy S but thankfully i have found a way out with which all contacts from your earlier Nokia device can be transferred easily to your new Android device. Not to worry, i will tell you in brief and in a simple manner, you need not be a techie to understand as even a normal person can understand this procedure. Before we proceed to transferring of contacts, you will have to install the latest versions of Nokia PC Suite, Samsung Kies software tool along with your old and new Android device with you with appropriate USB cables.
Procedure to transfer Nokia Contacts to Android device:
  • First you will need to connect your Nokia Phone with USB cable to the computer and need to open Nokia PC suite and select Contacts from the dashboard.
Nokia PC Suite
  • Now, once you see all contacts as shown below, you will need to select all Contacts, then proceed to click on File, Export and then save it in a CSV format on the desktop.
Nokia Contacts
  • Now, this was the last time you will open Nokia PC Suite if you plan to shift to Android completely and you need to proceed to connect your Samsung Galaxy S phone to computer via USB and need to Open Kies. Now, you may encounter with the problem of MTP error at this point of time while connecting your Galaxy S with computer. Don’t worry; you can easily fix MTP Application error on your Android device with the help of a simple video tutorial.

    • So, now as soon as you are done with fixing the dreaded error of MTP error then launch Kies for your Android device and proceed by clicking on Contacts icon.
    • After clicking on the Contacts icon, you will find a new page as shown below, just click on Open File
    • Now, select the CSV File from the list below which you have saved from the Nokia PC suite as shown below.
    Open File
    • Once you select the CSV file, you will be asked to map the fields as shown below. Please note that Map the same fields like for Title, map only with Title, First name for First name and like wise as shown below. If you are unsure then its better to leave the option rather than selecting anything as that will basically mess up the contacts.
    Field Mapping
    • If you wish to add any additional information details which you had in your Nokia phone like Fax, email address, website or fields which you were not able to match then open this in Excel and fill in the appropriate content in the columns.
    • Now, Click on  OK and you can now see a list of all your contacts as shown below. Just click on Transfer to Device tab and now you should be able to transfer all your imported contacts in to the Samsung Galaxy S.
    Transfer contacts
    Now, when you are done with performing above steps as mentioned, you can see that all of your contacts have been successfully transferred into your Android device from your Nokia device. Also, most importantly note that, after completely transferring the contacts into your Android device, first up take the backup of all the contacts which you have transferred from your Nokia to Android device so that if anything goes wrong with your Android device, you need not repeat this procedure to transfer all your contacts from Nokia to Android. So, this is it, you can now successfully enjoy all your contacts in your new Android device.


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