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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview

Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview

The Microsoft Corporation had launched the latest customer preview version of its widely used software, Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview. I am sorry to day but I just forgot to post about the software although it was launched some time back. Yesterday I realized that I had not posted about the Microsoft Office 2013. So, i just planned to write about it for you.

A new office has arrived Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview

In a brief, I would like to say that you will get to see a lot many improvements in the Microsoft Office 2013 which have just proved for the good for most of the people. Microsoft has added a lot of functionalities while making a drastic change in its look.
The Microsoft Office 2013’s distinctive design has made the use of it much more simpler for anyone whether it be a beginner or a novice. It features an added functionality to work across modern devices adopted by the people now mainly the new Windows portable devices including Surface tablet.
“The new, modern Office 2013 will deliver ultimate productivity and flexibility for both consumers and business customers. It is a cloud service and is specially designed to work specially with Windows 8.” quoted Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft at press conference in SF.

Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview Features :

  • Cloud Service:- The all new microsoft office serves as an amazing cloud service. Yes the new office is also a member of the society of cloud software. It all runs on the powerful cloud servers of Microsoft ready to help you.
  • Portability:- Being more focused at the modern portable devices, Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Office 2013 keeping in mind the new portable devices which have managed to gain quite popularity among the people disintegrating the computer market of the users. The all new Office supports touch and has made the process very simple. To use the MS Office 2013, you can just swipe over your finger across the screen to read documents and presentations. All other functions like zoom in and out are all also supported by pinching and tapping.
  • Easily Accessible Media:- Microsoft has really worked much to add the feature of adding several media to the documents look appealing to the viewers. You can easily add media to your documents by searching for the images within the software to easily add them to all your documents.
  • Handwritten Text Entry:- Yes! You can enter text in your Microsoft Office 2013 documents simple by handwriting them using the stylus which are automatically converted to text. Stylus can also serve as a laser pointer while you are doing your presentation. So, we can say that stylus has simply replaced the mouse.

Microsoft Office 2013 – Screenshot

  • Apps: – An all new app Lync has been introduced in this version of Microsoft Office. Office 2013 is utterly special to the Windows 8 which features Lync as first of the applications.
  • Skype:- The new Office comes fully integrated with the famous VoIP service Skype, which offers a great 60 minutes of Skype world minutes every month which is surely an irresistible offer for anyone aware of Skype. To use Skype, all you have to do is to save all your contacts into Lync and simple then call or instant message anyone of your contacts on Skype.
  • Sky Drive:- Microsoft Office being a part of the cloud, saves all the documents created in it online to its cloud service Skydrive by default. This provides you much more security and prevents your document from getting into the trash. Also, you can save your documents offline on your hard disk.
  • Social Presence:- One of the most amazing of the features which I liked in the Microsoft Office 2013 is its ability to keep us connected with other. With Sharepoint in it, you can follow teams and sites to be updated with them. You can also place pictures, videos and much more content in the Office easily.
  • New Reading Mode: - Microsoft Office 2013 Word features a new feature with the name reading mode. It provides a platform for an easy-to-navigate modern looking reading experience which adjusts automatically itself for all the large and small screens available. You can also use touch-pad i.e. tap to turn pages of your document.
  • Digital note-taking: – With One Note 2013, the process of making notes has been simplified. Digital note can be easily accessed to take help from as they are all available in the cloud for easy working and are easily available across multiple devices. To take notes one can also make the use of stylus or keyboard or use them together switching them back and forth easily.

Go and download the Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview from here. Windows 7 & Windows 8 users can use it now.


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