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Monday, 12 November 2012

Safely Remove USB Drives Automatically

As you would have got from the title, I have written this article about “How-To Safely Remove USB Drives Automatically“. All the computer users are nowadays been got quite used to unplug a USB flash drive only after selecting the “Safely Remove USB Drives” option in the System Tray in the Taskbar. Anyone doesn’t wants to skip this step thinking that their USB Drive will get defected.
What’s the reason for this? According to me, it’s only need is to check whether any action such as copying data from or to the drive is going on when it is to be removed as any interruption in the process can lead to corrupted data or dead USB Drive.
But as I am here to tell you about the trick to Safely Remove USB Drives Automatically, so just see how you can safely avoid this step keeping your USB Drive completely safe. In fact, you may already have had this option enabled on your computer but you might not be aware of it and would have been wasting some of your valuable time in those extra clicks.

Steps To Safely Remove USB Drives Automatically

(Note: These steps may differ on different versions of Windows.)
1. The first task is to plug in the USB Drive to your PC. Then, Open Device Manager using the run command “devmgmt.msc”.
2. Expand Disk Drives option, then click on the removable device you have inserted by locating it. Here in the screenshot, it’s “USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Device.”
3. Right-click that device, then click Properties.
4. Click the Policies tab; you should see something like this:

5. Select the first option, i.e. Quick Removal. If the option is already selected then its well and good. As given in the description above, “you can disconnect the device safely without using the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon.”
Don’t take tension that the performance will suffer as results have proved that there’s gonna be no change in the performance. There will surely be a change but that will be in milliseconds that can surely not matter compared to the hassle of selecting Safely Remove USB Drive option each time you connect your USB Drive to the computer. So, just go ahead to Safely Remove USB Drives Automatically and make this change in every computer you tend to use and have fun.


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