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Saturday, 13 April 2013


Blue Screen = The Most Irritating Error Face by Windows Users. Did you ever got stuck with this type of Error ?
Most of will answer it YES.

What is Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) ?

Blue screen of death is nothing but an error Shown in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems which Stops Further Operations.

Why BSOD Error is Caused ?

This error is Generally Hardware or Drivers Related.causing the Computer To stop Responding And prevents Damage to the Hardware And data.
BSOD Looks Like the Below Picture. Manny Windows Users Must be Familiar With This.

How To Fix BSOD :
As I said There are several Reasons For BSOD, Unfortunately There is no Particular solution but The Following Tips And tricks Can Help you To get Rid Of it.

1. Remove Startup Programs That Starts Will System Booting.

What happens is when you System Boots, Many Other apps try To load at the same time whill may result in to BSOD. so Remove Unwanted Programs On startup.

How To Remove :
Press Windows Key +R
Run Box will appear. Type "msconfig" and Hit Enter,

Click on Startup Tab and remove all Unwanted Programs and click on apply.
It may ask you to restart your syste, So restart it .

Removing programs at startup will fix your problem.

2.Uninstall Softwares:
Many Times while installing a softare A blue screen occors with a message that says, The Software that you are installing is Culprit . Verify all the changes that you made to your system and reset Them. Uninstall the installed Application it will help you to a great extent.

3. Resetting your Hardwares And Drivers :
In some cases Due to Faulty Hardware connection it show the blue error screen. You can prevent this by ensuring you all hardware connection such as external ports,motherboard pins are set correctly.Bad drivers may also cause the same problem.Keep your drivers up to date.

 Above tips will definately help you to get rid of Bluescreens.

Windows 8 users May have Experienced a New Blue screen:
In windows 8 it will Tell you About the error and sad Emoticon At the top of the text .
Same as below pic.


Hope you  Find This Article Helpfull.


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