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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Send Fake SMS to your Friends

In case, if you are wondering what exactly is Fake and anonymous SMS, it’s nothing but you can send SMS to any of your friend with any mobile number. For example, I can SMS my friend from any number I want. Specially, when you are playing Fake SMS with your friends, you can always use the situation and make your prank idea look more authentic. In short, this is call as SMS spoofing. Ethically, this is not right and many people misuse the feature of these SMS spoofing sites. So, I would suggest use these free services for your own good and don’t use it to harm or hurt anyone.
Send Fake SMS to your Friends

  • Your Mobile No. Will Not Be Shown Anywhere.

SmsMafia is a web texting application.
This Service Is Completely Anonymous.Your Mobile No. Will Not Be Shown Anywhere.

SMSGlobal allows you to send 25 SMS by default. If you want to send 100 more SMS, enter “WPRESS” (without quotes) in “Promo code” field. Thus, using this promo code, you can send a total of 125 SMS

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