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Friday, 15 March 2013

How Do You Backup App or Game Data on Windows 8

How Do You Backup App or Game Data on Windows 8 Then?

A new Windows 8 Apps Data Backup tool lets users easily create backup of the important data presented in the app. Similarly, you can also restore the data. There might be some instances where you’d want to even transfer the data to the new system. In such case, this tool comes in very handy. There are no complex settings to get used to. All you are supposed to do is select the apps from the list and click Backup or Restore button. The rest will be handled by the application itself.
windows 8 data backup tool
This application is powerful enough to take a backup of your settings, game progress and game points. No longer would you require to fear the loss of data due to reinstallation or migration. The app is very small and can be used as a portable application (188KB only). You can also transfer or restore that data or Surface tablet, provided the apps are supported and you have them installed already.

How to Use Apps Data Backup Tool?

Simply, download the application from here.
Backup: Let’s take a scenario 1 where you want to backup your app data. In order to perform the operation, you need to close any of the running instances of the applications. Make sure you’ve closed all the apps which you are going to backup using this tool.
close all windows 8 apps
backup options
save windows 8 apps data backup
Run the above application. Click either on backup or restore button to populate the list of all installed Windows 8 apps. It will show you the screen as shown below. Select the appropriate applications from the populated list. Just click on Windows 8 apps that you’d want to take a backup of. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup tool also shows the default Bing apps, Zune data, WinStore and Xbox Live games.
It will also ask you whether you want to save the data in zip format or not.
Restore: Restore process is also very similar to that of backup process. Just click on the restore option at the top middle of the application and you’re good to go. Navigate through the previously saved Windows 8 apps data backup and restore it from there. Make sure that you have installed all those Windows 8 apps and games on your system before restoring them.
restore w8 apps data
restore apps or games data
restore windows 8 data complete
The process was darn easy, wasn’t it? Hopefully, you’ve learn to backup and restore Windows 8 apps data using the aforementioned tool. You can also transfer those backup zip files to USB and use it on other systems. Do let us know if you’ve trouble in using this application.


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