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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Change Google Logo with your Name

Hi Freinds Today we will see a nice small but awesome trick To Change Google with your own name or any other name and search.
As we know When we open, it shows Google, But how cool it will be if it shows your Customized name instead of Google.

Its time to act Cool and Show your Friends about this trick. Its very simple but Effective.

Replacing google with your Name.

Your Can Follow Any of the below sites To change google logo to your name ..

One of my Favourite is Funnylogo

What you have to do is just open the site and Enter the name which you want to display,
Choose the style and Click on Create my Search Engine.

In my case I Entered Tech Walk With HRK and this is how it looked.

Isn't This cool ?

You can Set It as Your Home page too.

Try these sites too.

Thats it, Enjoy, :)


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