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Saturday, 16 March 2013

How To Hack saved passwords on Chrome

Hey Guys,  Today i will provide you an awesome trick to hack saved password on Google chrome.
this is an awesome trick, You might have experienced when you login to any site say Facebook, Google asks you to save your password,
Ever wondered where this password is saved in Chrome, no ?
Dont worry, today we will learn it very easily.
In just 3 simple steps we will learn how to hack passwords on google chrome.
If you know that you brother or friend saves his password in chrome and you want to know his password, then this trick will definately help you out.

Lets check it.

Step :1
First of all Open Google Chrome, the you will find Google menu at the top right corner. click it.

Step :2
Now Click on setting at the bottom, a new tab will open, Scroll down and click on Show Advance Setting. There you will find Passwords and Forms,
Refer the below picture and as shown there click on  Manage Saved Password.

Step :3

Now we are almost done. after click on Manage Saved Passwords  you will get the lists of saved password, Only thing you have to do is click on Any saved password and then click on Show,
Thats it.  you will get the password.

 I believe you enjoyed this trick, Pls make use of social plugins, share it , tweet it, Recommend this.
Thank you :)


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